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Uttarkashi At  Glance

The meaning of Uttarkashi is Kashi of north; it is beautiful town of Uttrakhand state of India. Uttarkashi is situated at the bank of River Bhagirathi at an altitude of 1158 m above sea level.

Generally known as a holy place, the people of Uttarkashi are very religious it is spotted with multiple Hindu pilgrims.

Also known as ‘Shiv Nagri’ (Place of Lord Shiva) this beautiful town has a number of temples and ashrams and the locality is more or less religious.

Demographics: As per the Census 2011 the overall population of Uttarkashi was 3300086 of which male and female were 168597 and 161489 respectively.

Total Literacy rate of Uttarkashi is 78.98% this means 78 people out of 100 people above the age of 6 year are literate and it is ranked 10th  in terms of literacy rate out of total 13 district in Uttrakhand and 568 out of 640 district in India.

Sex ratio of Uttarkashi is 959 female per thousand male.

Area of Uttarkashi:

Uttarkashi as a District is a land of geographic contrast.


Uttarkashi is located at 30.70°N, 78.45°E it has an average height of 1165 meters(4436 feet) It is 150 Kms from Rishikesh on the bank of holy Ganga( Bhagirathi) It is ideal destination for eco and cultural tourism most of the terrain are hilly the district are many small and big rivers.

The District sprawls in an area of 8016 sq km is adorned with lofty snow capped mountains as well as snow free valley with dense forest in their upper regions.

The entire district is scattered with large and tiny hindu temples, gesturing a great opportunity to devotees to take a pilgrimage tour .

The two important Hindu pilgrimage of Chota Chardham Yatra – Gangotri and Yamnotri shrines are situated in Uttarkashi.

The climate in Uttarkashi is warm and temperate, the summers are more rainier than winter in Uttarkashi. The average temperature in Uttarkashi is 18.8°C

Places to visit in Uttarkashi: there are numerous religious places in Uttarkashi-:

Vishwanath Temple:

Vishwanath temple is situated in the heart of the town one of  the oldest Shiva temple in northen India and as per the ‘skanda puraan’ Uttarkashi is known as “Saumya kashi

Shakti Temple:Shakti temple is in right front of viswanath temple . it is a temple of Godess Durga, it has big trishul of about 6 meters in height and circumference of 90 cm at the bottom though there are different views about the making the lower part is made of copper and the upper part is made of  iron.


Kuteti Devi Temple: Kuteti Devi mandir is located on another bank of the town further away from the town, this temple was constructed in very old site but appears to be a new. Its  priest is generally the latest from the family preist spanning  it is 14th generation


Ganga Temple: Ganga temple  is situated across the Bhagirathi river at main market , it is the temple of River Ganga (Bhagirathi).

Some more temple in uttarkashi are Kandar Devta Temple,Bhairav Temple, Hanuman Temple , sakshi Gopal temple, Markandey Rishi Temple, Ganesh Temple,Gopeshwar Temple, Kedareshwar Mahadev Temple, Kali Mata Temple, Kaleshwar mahadev Temple, Parshuram Temple, Durga Devi Maa Mahisashur Mardani Temple, Laksheswar Temple etc.

Uttarkashi is also the house for adventure lover people ,It is known  for its excellent tracking track the season start form may when snow melt.

Nehru institute of Mountaineering (NIM)

Nehru institute of Mountaineering is the premier mountaineering institute in India situated in Uttarkashi. Working under the Ministry of Defence it offers Adventure and Mountaineering courses for the age group from 14 years upto 55 years.  Mountainering courses includes Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) , Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC), Method of Instruction(MOI) and Mountain Search and Rescue Course (S&R). Ms Bachendri Pal, India’s first women to climb Mount Everest is an alumnus of NIM.

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